Figurine “Snow Maiden”


Her work Elvira Eropkina continued the development of the classical line of European porcelain, brilliantly combining skilful possession of plastic material and the talent of the artist in porcelain. The image of Snegurochka became a collective image of a character from folk tales, in which the artist reflected the gentle and affectionate character of the young fairytale heroine. The blue-gold outfit of the Snow Maiden and a light glow on the cheeks enhance the feeling of a strong frost, emphasized by the snow-whiteness of the material itself.


Production: Imperial Porcelain manufactory
Author of the form and painting: Eropkina E.I.
Materials: Solid porcelain, glaze, overglaze painting, gilding
Hand painted.
Height: 236 mm
Length: 113 mm
Width: 139 mm
Weight: 615 g


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