Figurine “Lovers”


Porcelain sculpture group represents a loving couple on the lawn. The woman wears a dress with a deep neckline and a long, lush skirt; The dress gown and the bottom of the sleeves are trimmed with lace. The man has a black suit and a white vest. The painting is made in the technique of overglaze painting. It is an exact replica of the statuette made in the same plant in 1905 by Konstantin Somov, russian artist of the association “World of Art”. The original of the statuette is kept in the State Hermitage Museum.



Production: Imperial Porcelain manufactory
Author of the form: Somov K.A.
Materials: Solid porcelain, glaze, overglaze painting, gilding
Hand painted.  Statuette is signed by the artist.
Height: 140 mm
Length: 218 mm
Width: 138 mm
Weight: 670 g


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