Figurine “Girl – Water-carrier”


The statuette represents a Russian girl from the people carrying a rocker with buckets. It is an exact replica of the figure made at the same manufactory in 1817-1820 by Stepan Pimenov. Initially, it was conceived as a written device: buckets served as an inkstand and sandbox. The original of the statuette is kept in the State Hermitage Museum.



Production: Imperial Porcelain manufactory
The author of the form: Pimenov S.S. The form and the painting are made according to the museum sample
Materials: Solid porcelain. overglaze painting, gilding
Hand painted  with overglaze paints and a gold-containing preparation. Figurine is signed by the artist.
Height: 242 mm
Length: 215mm
Width: 90 mm
Weight: 520 g


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