On the pages of this resource I present both my own works and the works of Russian authors of ceramics and refined porcelain that have conquered me and have become my source of creative inspiration.

My first education is a physics engineer. Yes, I adore exact sciences, but who said this is a sentence for life? The hobby for ceramics came by chance: I traveled across the Crimea, once climbing the steep slopes of Tauris, I felt a piece of clay in my hand that had broken away from the cliff … Then, as in a frenzy, the creative fever swallowed me. The first inspirers were the ancient Greeks, who had settled on the shores of Pontus of Euxine from pre-Christian times (and who dares to downplay the contribution of the ancient Greeks to the development of arts of all kinds :)). The ancient Tauric Chersonesos became an inexhaustible source of creative fantasies for a long time … Classical forms of antique vessels, with all the seemingly simplicity of black lacquer decor, have always been the foundation of the refined taste and the harmony preserved in the ceramics. Alas, circumstances forced for a while to interrupt the creative flight, although, some fragments of that period, I carefully store until now …

The second breath was opened later: this time “take on the old” could not help but fascinate the city where I live and work now – the brilliant St. Petersburg – the royal capital in the heyday of the Russian Renaissance with its magnificent gilt baroque and rococo. Of course, the Imperial Porcelain Factory sets the high standard of good taste and quality of execution of porcelain products. Yes, by the time of its appearance Meissen porcelain already “thundered” throughout Europe, but the Russian masters breathed into the Meissen quality the mysterious Russian soul. With great pleasure I will talk about history, traditions, old and modern masters of Imperial porcelain .

In my own works, I try to feel their spirit, allowing myself sometimes to “hang out” and “joke” a little over the old traditions. I am close in spirit to the bright and hot colors of southern countries (may the fans of the reserved Scandinavian style forgive me). I am sure that objects of everyday life, in particular – dishes, should warm with mild heat, give a feeling of peace and peace of mind. The natural forms of leaves, buds and flowers to humanity, in this sense, have not been able to surpass, that’s why I do not cease to use them. However, any cup should be exceptionally comfortable in the hand and pleasant on the lips, in a word, with it should be a good soul to sit at your favorite drink. Ideas for their work, I usually have a long nurture. Generic torments sometimes pass quickly, sometimes painfully long, and sometimes, in the end, the idea has to be abandoned altogether. Yes, unfortunately, I can not be attributed to the number of prolific authors. All the work I do manually, using a minimum of means for copying.

I want to express my gratitude to all who read this article.   Stephanie Loretti