Figurine “Girl with a broken pitcher”


The statuette represents a Russian girl from the people, crying over a broken jar. It is an exact replica of the figure made at the same manufactory in the first quarter of the XIX century by Stepan Pimenov, in addition to the Guryevsky service for the royal palace. The original of the statuette is kept in the State Hermitage Museum.



Production: Imperial Porcelain manufactory
The author of the form: Pimenov S.S. The form and the painting are made according to the museum sample
Materials: Solid porcelain. overglaze painting, gilding
Hand painted  with overglaze paints and a gold-containing preparation. Figurine is signed by the artist.
Height: 224 mm
Length: 140 mm
Width: 128 mm
Weight: 758 g


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